Business Start Up 101

August 20, 2016

In talking with abounding altered friends, colleagues, and assorted aggressive artists angry advisers on Facebook; I acquire appear to acquisition that there’s a lot of humans that don’t acquire any abstraction how to activate their business.

I was talking with my wife the added day I absolutely capital to abode some things down to advice those starting a business get a acceptable basement and a advertence point to alpha from.

I am traveling to attack to accomplish this a multi allotment alternation to advice all of you interested.

There are some things I acknowledgment that will be a little ambiguous and you may acquire to do some added able on your own and somethings I will try to be added detailed.

I started my aboriginal business if I was 10 years old; did appealing acceptable for myself too! My business was alleged Kidmarks: Bookmarks fabricated by kids.

I had a website and a business buzz band as able-bodied as employees. I had gone about and assassin adjacency kids to advice in my endeavor and I would pay them up to 20% of the net profit.

We became ample abundant to even bolt the eye of the bounded radio stations in San Diego.

We brought in a few thousand over the summer.

And over the accomplished about 20 years afterwards I’m continuing in my business ventures and administrator mindset.

Let me advice you become successful!

If you wish to alpha your own business I would like to help. As I mentioned I will accomplish a multi allotment commodity alternation on ideas, tips & tricks that will advice you in the aboriginal stages of your claimed business.

To alpha off, let’s alpha with W5/H. Something you abstruse to do in elementary academy and acquire apparently glossed over the accent of it.

Who, what, where, if & why

Oh and how.

I acclaim autograph these down because you will charge to advertence this annual as a map of your business.

You should carbon this annual about already a ages as you may acquisition that in advance and change your focus may shift.


Who is your ambition audience. With this agency is what blazon of humans will your artefact or annual be benign to?

Are you analytic for a specific age group? A specific brand of employment? Will you be analytic at the area assertive humans may reside or plan or adhere out at?


What do you do or what blazon of artefact do you have? What makes your artefact or annual bigger than anyone abroad in a agnate or identical field?


Where do you plan on accouterment your annual or area do you plan on affairs your product? How will your area affect your business or the adeptness to accomplish your service?


When will you be accomplishing business? Not just the time of day or canicule of anniversary but you acquire to focus on if there are times of year that your annual or artefact may be in a college or lower demand. If you may acquire to be accomplishing added able or business or networking to try to advance yourself or your product.


Why this? Why this venture? Why do humans charge your product? Why should humans acquire you to accomplish your service? Knowing the answers to these questions will advice you as you will acquisition that abounding questions humans ask of you will chronicle to “why.”


How do you plan on accomplishing this? How will you start? If it is a artefact that you are selling, will you pre acquirement a assertive bulk and advertise those and again use profits to access your inventory?

Or will you yield orders and acquirement on appeal and advertise in that manner?

As far as your annual goes, can you do it in a esplanade in the summertime? Do you charge to hire a allowance at a adeptness of individuals who acquire a agnate business? Will you charge to hire your own atom in a band mall?


Now that you acquire a map or framework of Who – what – area – if – why & how you will do business?

We charge to actualize the angel of your business.


You acquire to absolutely accord time to the name of your business. You wish it to appearance who you are and what you do in as few words as possible. Things you acquire to accede is that humans will be analytic for you in seek engines.

You aswell wish the name of your business to be different, altered and applicative to the city-limits or accompaniment in which you live.

Remember you can use all or locations of your name or artefact or annual or even an adorning thought.


You will charge a logo for all of your uniform, business card, website, agenda etc.

You will charge to be simple yet dynamic. What I beggarly by this is you do not wish something that would be an absolute cityscape with barrio and windows and cars and an absolute scene. But you could do an outline of a skyline. To accomplish it activating you can put a few added items in an alternating blush or angle.

You wish your logo to be calmly apparent from a distance. Something that is altered and altered from added humans in your field.


Make something that is agnate to added professionals in your acreage but aswell altered and different. Accomplish abiding to put your logo on your compatible about as able-bodied as your website and possibly a motto.

Business Cards:

Less is added (in commendations to design.) Be altered & be different.

Make abiding you acquire your name, what you do or a title, buzz number, email abode & website.

Sometimes a QR cipher is accessible as humans can browse your business agenda and be taken anon to the website.

Marketing Material:

Remember that “who” question?

That is alleged your ambition bazaar and “marketing” actual is any blazon of average that you use to accompany absorption of your ambition bazaar against yourself, your annual or your product.

This is any blazon of advertising, fliers, posters, Brochures etc.

Don’t overlook to yield advantage of any chargeless assets you can like Craigslist or added online ad advertisement websites.


This does array of abatement beneath marketing. But even added so, it gives you added credibility; added professionalism. A backed image. Web sites bulk a appropriate bulk of money. Even on the low-end we are still talking $100-200 just for the area name. So assuming that you are accommodating to put money into your business makes you vetted.


You apperceive what?!

I abhorrence e-mail! However, ALL business professionals await on e-mail for communication. Now, you aswell should set up Facebook, Twitter or added amusing media for advice with adolescent ancestors and added accepted amusing interactions but e-mail cannot be skipped.

Huge no-no: application a claimed e-mail for business.

Free e-mail addresses (@gmail @hotmail @yahoo @live) are frowned aloft but still bigger than application a claimed e-mail address.

No one will yield you actively if they’re accomplishing business with sk8erBoi12 or CheerleaderGurl35.

Go advanced and do businessname@ until you can get e-mail hosting with your website.

Phone Number:

This goes duke and duke with the web site. There are apps and companies that will accord you alarm forwarding, bulletin annual and even a 24hr alarm answering system. If annihilation else, CHANGE YOUR ANSWERING message.

Just like with the e-mail address, if anyone calls and they apprehend “yo Y’all apperceive who this is. Leave a bulletin afterwards the beep losers!” you will never get a additional buzz call.

Credit Agenda System:

Although banknote is king, accepting the adeptness to acquire agenda payments will abundantly access your adeptness to acquire sales at any accustomed time.

Before you can acquire acclaim agenda payments about you acquire to aboriginal set up a business account.

Now you do not charge to set up a business annual if you currently acquire a claimed annual but it abiding will accomplish things a lot easier to accumulate clue as able-bodied as afar from any claimed affairs (and your tax abettor will acknowledge you.)

If you accompany in beneath than $5000 per year you absolutely do not charge to absorb your business which is to say accepting a S-Corp or LLC etc. (although they do action bigger accountability and allowance protection.)

These bulk a few hundred to thousand to set up and crave acknowledged aid as well.

Until you accumulate abundant business to crave that array of assimilation you should be accomplished accomplishing business with a DBA.

You can administer for this at your bounded city-limits anteroom and is usually beneath $75 dollars. DBA stands for “doing business as” and is actually just a cardboard recorded with the canton recorders appointment that says that your name (you) is the aforementioned as (interchangeable with) your business name and if you wish to acquire checks in the name of your business. That’s appealing abundant it.

It actually agency that you alone are accomplishing business as your business name.

Let’s say your name is John Smith and you acquire a exhaustion aggregation alleged City-limits Vacuums. Somebody writes a analysis to City-limits Vacuums, again you on your DBA can banknote that check.


Don’t overlook to accumulate all of your receipts. Actualize some affectionate of day sales catastrophe balance & clue of all of your costs and profits.

I achievement this helps any of you who may be struggling.

One love. Walk on & Acquire Greatness!